Watch John Cena and Ike Barinholtz Narrate a Makeup Tutorial Video

John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, and Leslie Mann are the stars of upcoming film Blockers, which features three parents on a mission to stop their teens from having sex on prom night. The movie follows their antics as they do just about anything to see that their teens stay celibate throughout the prom festivities, as well as the plan their kids have laid out to get the deed done. It looks like a pretty hilarious storyline, helped along the way by the comedic timing of its stars. Now, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz have been so kind as to lend those same comedy chops to Allure to narrate a makeup tutorial, and the results were pretty hilarious (and somehow, a bit informative).

In the video, Allure‘s Senior Beauty Editor Jess Chia appears on the screen, announcing she’s going to do a beauty tutorial, only to be “blocked” by Cena and Barinholtz who decide to take over the voiceover themselves. Cena seems to know exactly what primer is, and while Chia holds it up, he says, “We’re going to start by prepping the canvas.” Off to a good start. They both say to “dab it on your face,” while Cena says to “stay away from the actual eyeball itself.” Totally solid advice.

While Chia uses concealer and foundation, Barinholtz makes mention of her Beautyblender and that fact that she’s spraying it, saying, “Spray the blue egg and really mush it around.” Though that’s not how most beauty vloggers talk about blending, he did mention keeping it wet, so points for that. He says, more specifically, “The canvas is your face, the paint is the makeup, the blue ball is the brush, and we are the critics.”

Then, Chia begins to contour her face and Cena says, “Contour is fantastic because it defines the aerodynamics of your face.” He really seems to know his stuff. Now, it’s time for eyes. As Barinholtz says, “Eyes are the gateway to the soul of the body’s mind,” so it’s important to really define them. Chia uses Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow on her lids and uses a finger to blend. After applying liner, it’s time for lashes. As Chia curls her lashes, Barinholtz narrates, saying, “So your eyes are great, but your lashes suck. Take this medieval torture device and shove it in your eye.”

She then touches up her eye makeup before setting everything with powder. Then, she highlights the high points of the face before putting on lipstick. Cena comments, “You can do something different with the eyes, something different with the lips — a lot of approaches are to match the lips with the dress and then go a little bit daring with the eyes, so make sure to choose your shade correctly.” Sure, John!

Chia then finishes up with some blush, pomade, and a kiss to the camera, which Cena and Barinholtz also do, with one last piece of advice: “Don’t kiss your hand, because it will smear your makeup!”

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