Georgia Students Respond to the Shooting at Dalton High School

A Georgia social studies teacher is in custody after pulling the trigger on a handgun during school today. Jesse Davidson reportedly barricaded himself inside an empty classroom before firing the single shot that sent Dalton High School faculty and students into a panic.

One mother said she received updates from her daughter, who was hiding inside a darkened classroom during the gunfire. Annmarie Jacobs said her daughter, Emma, texted that her teacher had turned the lights off and instructed students to sit quietly in the corner.

One of the texts read: “Omg she’s putting desk in front of the door.”

No injuries have been reported, but people—especially students—are distraught about what happened today, and are taking to Twitter to speak up about gun violence.

It’s unclear whether Davidson shot the gun in an intentional act of violence or in protest of President Trump’s recent suggestion that educators should be armed in the classroom.