10 Guilt-Free Vegan Hair Products to Help You Go All-Natural

We don’t usually check the lists of ingredients in our shampoos before we use them, but it turns out that even the most essential haircare products contain chemicals and synthetic substances that are bad for you and the environment. Using vegan hair products is becoming more and more popular. Several brands have made the switch by producing new vegan and cruelty-free haircare collections. There are choices ranging from shampoos to hair dyes.

What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Vegan?

Vegan products contain natural and organic ingredients, rather than harmful animal products. The vegan haircare lifestyle can be difficult but this list of guilt-free organic hair products will make it so much easier.

#1: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo is the perfect remedy for dry and damaged hair. As one of the many vegan beauty brands, Shea Moisture promises natural products free of any harmful ingredients like mineral oil and petroleum. This vegan shampoo contains natural oils that work to hydrate and strengthen your hair, leaving you with smooth and silky locks.

Moisture Retention Shampoo

Photo: Shea Moisture

#2: Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier

Made specifically for those with fine to medium hair textures, Pureology’s Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier contains heat-activated volumizers that work as you blow dry to add fullness and bounce to your style. This product also helps remove oil buildup at your roots, which can decrease your hair’s volume. Spray throughout your hair before blow drying; however, be sure to use only the appropriate amount. If you use too much product it can leave hair sticky and completely ruin your look.

Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier

Photo: Pureology

#3: LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

LUSH’s Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner contains a wide variety of organic ingredients. These include rose water and almond milk, and they create the light and creamy consistency of the conditioner. LUSH stands by their all-natural reputation by refusing to test any of their products on animals. Additionally, they only purchase ingredients from cruelty-free suppliers. This product works well with any hair texture, even if you’ve dyed your hair several times. It truly is the conditioner for all!

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Photo: LUSH

#4: Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray

This finishing spray is an organic alternative to hairspray. It secures even the most difficult of hair types and adds volume to your style. Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Finishing Spray is infused with wheat protein and will leave your hair looking fuller and thicker. The product is also safe for those with color-treated hair. After styling, spray this product throughout your hair for long-lasting hold and shine.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray

Photo: Paul Mitchell

#5: Pureology Color Stylist Illuminating Curl

For those blessed with curly hair, Pureology’s Color Stylist Illuminating Curl is the perfect way to define and moisturize your curls. This 24-hour shaping lotion has a lightweight formula of olive and coriander extracts that won’t drag curls down but instead will enhance color vibrancy and perfectly shape ringlets and waves. Apply this product while your hair is still wet and allow your hair to airdry. If you are in a hurry, blow dry your hair using a diffuser to achieve the same curl definition.

Pureology Color Stylist Illuminating Curl

Photo: Pureology

#6: Yes To Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo

This vegan dandruff shampoo helps to moisturize your scalp and prevent flakes in as little as a week. Yes To Carrots’ Scalp Relief Shampoo contains tea tree oil that works to soothe your scalp and hair at the roots, relieving any itchiness and irritation. While using this product, a subtle tingling feeling is common and shows that the shampoo is doing its job! Yes To Carrots’ also creates an organic Scalp Relief Conditioner, which will provide even more moisture for your damaged scalp.

Yes To Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo

Photo: Yes To

#7: LUSH Marilyn Hair Treatment

For all of those blondes out there, you can now naturally (and safely) maintain and brighten your color using this Marilyn Hair Treatment created by LUSH. The pairing of lemon and chamomile in this light treatment increases the shine of your blonde hair. This product is also infused with moisturizing olive oil, leaving your hair irresistibly soft. Apply to dry hair and after 20 minutes passes, use shampoo to remove the treatment. Let your hair dry to reveal bright and glossy blonde locks.

Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

Photo: LUSH

#8: Pacifica Flower Oil Hair Hydration

If you suffer from dry split-ends, try Pacifica’s Native Flower Oil Hair Hydration to smooth out and nourish your damaged hair. Pacifica created the product exclusively for Ulta, but it’s now available on Amazon.com. This all-natural oil can be used on any hair type and contains fatty acids that seal in the newly added moisture and can also help fight frizz. Using a small amount of the flower oil, rub the treatment through your hair, specifically focusing on dry ends and flyaways.

Pacifica Flower Oil Hair Hydration

Photo: Pacifica

#9: Yarok Feed Your Shine

A 100 percent vegan and alcohol-free hair oil, Yarok’s Feed Your Shine serum acts as a deep conditioner, absorbing directly into your scalp and hair. Yarok’s product is filled with essential oils like sesame and coconut. These oils help protect hair from damage caused by hot tools. Due to its rich formula, the oil reinvigorates your hair’s natural shine. An added bonus: 3 percent of all proceeds go towards benefitting Pachamama Alliance, an organization which works to protect the Amazon Rainforest. If you wish to apply the oil to wet hair, rub just one or two drops onto your palm and crunch small sections of hair.

Yarok Feed Your Shine Serum

Photo: Yarok

#10: Shea Moisture Nourishing, Moisture-Rich Hair Color System

Shea Moisture’s vegan hair dye gives your hair color all of the vibrancy and shine without any of the harmful chemicals and ingredients that so many other hair dyes contain. This organic hair color is ammonia-free and made with flaxseed oil and Shea butter, which produces colored hair that is silky to the touch-a rarity for DIY hair dye. Shea Moisture’s Nourishing, Moisture-Rich Color System is available in three permanent dye colors: Dark Auburn, Dark Golden Blonde and Light Brown.

Moisture Rich Hair Color System

Photo: Shea Moisture

It can seem daunting to completely transform your hair care routine but with this list of organic hair products you can easily contribute to the vegan movement. You will see a wonderful difference in your hair’s health by using all-natural ingredients. And you’re helping the beauty industry become more animal-friendly and environmentally sound-it’s a win-win situation for everyone!