David Blaine Sewed His Mouth Shut on ‘The Tonight Show’—See Priyanka Chopra’s Reaction

David Blaine is known for his WTF-inducing stunts — like the time he hung out in a glass box for 44 days straight and consumed nothing but water (the BBC says he was hospitalized immediately after freeing himself) — but his most recent trick was so intense, people were literally fainting as they watched.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Blaine was a guest alongside Priyanka Chopra, and proceeded to literally sew his mouth shut with a needle and thread in front of a live audience. It was so gross, people in the audience were fainting and throwing up. The Roots bandleader Questlove, understandably, walked out mid-trick.

Upon introducing Blaine, Fallon, who has no idea what’s coming (“I didn’t come to the dress rehearsal on purpose,” he says), warns the audience that they should not try whatever they’re about to see at home. “I’m just gonna try a few classics, something simple,” Blaine jokes. “I’m nervous,” says Chopra, who really does look very, very nervous about what’s to come.

Blaine asks Fallon and Chopra whether they want to see a card trick or the “needle and thread.” Fallon immediately asks for the card trick, so Blaine opts for the needle and thread. “What are you stitching?” asks Chopra. A few seconds later, Blaine pulls his lips into a “duck face” and it becomes immediately clear what’s about to happen. “NO! NO, NO, NO!!!!” shouts literally everyone in the room, which Blaine ignores and goes for it.

Chopra, understandably, starts to freak out. “I can’t look at it!” she screams. Fallon is also not into it, especially when Blaine asks him to assist with pulling the needle. “Dude. I can’t unsee this,” he says after confirming that there’s blood on the needle and that it is, in fact, “the real deal.” After the show, he took to Twitter to confirm:

Just when you think the trick is over, and Blaine’s mouth is fully sewn shut, David Blaine decides to take things one step further and do what can only be described as an impossible card trick. Honestly, you just have to watch it:

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