Pizza Bath Bombs Are Maybe Too Realistic

As popularized by beauty retailers such as Lush and Ulta, bath bombs have become all the rage as a beauty enhancer in recent years, where you simply drop a “bomb” in your bathtub and have it ooze a ton of hydrating oils and natural fragrances to enhance your bathing experience. Although some bath bombs are on the simpler side with a muted palette and texture — think cocoa butter or lavender scents in a standard spherical shape — the race to become more creative with the bombs has quickly heated up, with, say, a bath bomb specially made for a holiday or even a beloved teen movie. Nothing, it seems, is off-limits in the tub.

The newest bath bomb to find its way on the market is dedicated to none other than everyone’s favorite food: pizza. Yup, you’re not hallucinating here. Pizza. But before you go running for a shower in fear you’ll be covered in grease and burnt crust, this particular bomb is sold by the popular Etsy beauty shop Bathesda Boutique, which prides itself on selling “high quality, strong smelling, fizzy bath bombs” that combine natural ingredients and daring shapes. (Other bombs are shaped in styles of unicorns, seashells, Minions, and Pokemon.) “Just trying to spread the joy of bath bomb surprises!” the store’s description says.

Check out the realistic — and dare we say a little gross? — bath bomb.

pizza bomb

Unsurprisingly, the hand-painted bomb has sold out on the website, and because of it, we’re unable to disclose what is in the product, because the page can’t be accessed. But in an Instagram video Bathesda Boutique shared a few days ago, when the bath bomb is submerged in water, it immediately oozes out blue, yellow, and orange coloring, and takes quite a bit of time before it evaporates.


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Here’s hoping for a restock — STAT.

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