Shop Handmade Unicorn Bath Bombs at Sunbasilgarden Soap on Etsy

Blame it on Disney and Lord of the Rings, but when I was a kid, there was absolutely nothing I loved more than mythical creatures. Now that trend is back in full force, and whether it’s fueled by nostalgia or rainbow hairstyles, unicorn and mermaid beauty products are seemingly here to stay. That’s why Sunbasilgarden Soap — a best-selling Etsy store that makes bright, sparkly skin-care products — has been getting tons of love from buyers. A few of their most popular products? Unicorn bath bombs and mermaid sugar scrubs.

Courtesy of brand

The shop currently has over 15,000 rave reviews on Etsy, but it started out as a pastime, according to Lauren Miller, owner and soap-maker at and “I started Sunbasilgarden Soap ten years ago on Etsy after I had left my corporate banking job to be a stay-at-home mom to our then two little boys,” Miller tells exclusively to Allure. “Our Etsy shop has grown to over 32,000 handmade sales, but it’s our amazing customer base that took my little soap obsession from a hobby to a decade of happy soap- and bath-making.” Now, it’s all hands on deck: her teenage boys are helping her make unicorn-inspired bath bombs, and she couldn’t be more grateful to teach her kids the crafting skills she learned from her own parents. Miller is also a fan of gardens and greenhouses, so “Sunbasilgarden was a natural fit when coming up with a brand name.”

“Our Mermaid- and Unicorn-inspired collection of bath bombs and body butters is currently one of our very best sellers because everyone can use a little magic in the tub,” Miller says. They all include bright colors and intoxicating scents with a “touch of whimsy,” like this handmade unicorn whipped body butter lotion. It has fruity notes of cherry, ripe peaches, and tangy strawberry with a sugary-sweet candy scent underneath. Because it utilizes coconut and palm oil in three pretty pastel colors, it hydrates and absorbs into the skin without any greasy residue. Instead, it leaves behind a gorgeous scent and a just a little bit of shimmer. “My favorite all-time ingredient is bath glitter,” Miller says. “We use it sparingly in our products, but who can’t use a little extra sparkle?” They’ve also recently upgraded to the biodegradable variety.