We Test Out Mila Kunis’s $7,000 Facial

Mila Kunis’s $7,000 facial (yes, you read that right!) got a ton of buzz online. Well, I was recently treated to a 20-minutes express version of the treatment by the Black Swan star’s facialist, Scott-Vincent Borba.

I have to say, it was relaxing and unbelievably indulgent: after washing my face, Borba exfoliated my skin by rubbing on crushed diamonds and then rubies (yup, again, you read that right!). Next, Borba layered on a lactic acid peel to stimulate cell turnover (it tingled a bit), and then ran ultra sonic hot and cold wands over my skin, followed by a blast of red LED light. The cold galvanic wand really did feel amazing (especially after the hot wand), and helped de-puff my usually stubborn under-eye bags. Even better, my complexion looked more even after the facial. But in the likely event that my opinion was skewed by this facial’s hefty price tag, I decided to ask Jeannette Graf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York City, to weigh in. “Since the wands are heated and cooled to particular temperatures that won’t burn the skin, they can help with lymphatic drainage and circulation. Red LED light is good for collagen [production],” says Graf. “But there is no data or study that I have found that state precious gems are better than any other type of exfoliation.” Ah well, at least there’s something to be said for feeling like a million bucks.


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