Flirt Cosmetics Lash Applicator – False Lashes Hack

As far as I’m concerned, more is more is more is more when it comes to lashes, but all I can ever muster up daily is a few quick swipes of mascara. Faux fringe, while worth every eat-your-heart-out-J-Lo second, just requires too much time, patience, and precision. The hack I’ve yearned for so desperately has never existed…until now.

In a move that deserves nothing short of a standing O, newly-revived brand Flirt Cosmetics is relaunching with a lash applicator tool that’s turned every beauty editor that’s gotten their hands on it into an instant junkie. Oh, and they tapped Amber Rose (by literally sliding into the DM) as their face, because is there anyone else you’d rather have as your faux lashes sensei?


Kind of like a staple gun, it comes pre-loaded with small, individual “lash buds” that can be applied along the lash line with a a few quick clicksjust make sure you’ve slashed on the lash glue first. Unlike your zero-chill fingers with a pair of tweezers, it dispenses the lashes with utter ease, accuracy, and without threatening your eyesight.

As if that’s not enough for you to start readying your eyes for some luxe new dressings and a Marilyn-Monroe-rivaling wink, the applicator device can link to your phone so that tutorials can be cued up at the drop of a lash. Brilliant, no?

Flirt’s Flash Lash Applicator launches September 15 for $28 on But brace yourself, because it’s bound to sell out instantaneously. In the meantime, watch celebrity makeup artist Priscilla Ono’s step-by-step tutorial below.