20 Best Job Interview-Appropriate Hairstyles

hair for a job interview

PHOTO: @opposite_studio_novi, @bleachedandblown, @hairbymatilda

Almost every advice regarding job interviews contains the word ‘confidence’. And many women admit that their confidence directly depends on how they look. Choose the right hairstyle for the day-X to knock the world flat and get the dream job!

The first thing you will have to cope with is to decide what to wear and which hairstyle to make for an interview. Psychologists always assure you can and should fake nerves of steel, unshakable self-esteem and the cool-calm-collected state of mind ― if the actual situation isn’t as good as you would like. This is easier if you feel truly comfortable. This article’s gonna contribute its mite to your success. Choose one of the job interview hairstyles below and show the interviewers who really deserves that job.

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Job Interview Hair Styling Ideas

When it comes to hacks for business ladies, there’re no rules. Preparing a winner’s hairstyle in the morning, try to become the best version of yourself. Know your advantages and be ready to emphasize them. Hopefully, these stunning ideas will inspire you.

#1: French Twist

French Twist Updo For Long Hair

PHOTO: @taylorlumine

Serious and romantic, this women’s hairstyle is inspired by unparalleled Brigitte Bardot and boss ladies from the 80s. The French twist in all its glory will make your image more concentrated and relaxed at the same time. Use invisible bobby pins and a strong finishing spray to secure the updo. However, avoid looking too ‘made up’. So, no teasing and bouffant needed here.

#2: Low Looped Bun

Sleek Low Knot Updo

PHOTO: @kawaiigirlhairstyles

Let your inner perfectionist out with such a classy sophisticated hairstyle. Perfectly sleek hair is an unspoken rule in the world of business rivalry and diplomatic negotiations. Choose nude makeup and minimalist suit to emphasize your strong determination.

#3: Long Sleek Ponytail

low sleek ponytail

PHOTO: @opposite_studio_novi

How to do long hair for an interview to look extremely organized? Definitely, make a low ponytail! It is a foolproof quick hairstyle you can wear to every appointment imaginable, be it a job interview, a business lunch or an office meeting. Style your hair sleek if you want a look that is more polished and elegant.

One more way how to do a ‘grown-up’ ponytail for a job interview:

#4: French Braided Updo

french braided updo

PHOTO: @hairs_affairs

Interesting braided patterns always draw attention, in a good way. For example, this new take on a traditional French braiding technique can be chosen as the main highlight of your look. It’ll add charm and individuality to your style, which is highly important for meeting new people and building a career.

#5: Loose Hair with Micro Braids

Long Centre-Parted Hairstyle With A Braid

PHOTO: @hair_by_pelerossi

If you decided to show the length of your hair, be sure to open your face by wearing a headband or braiding neat little braids. This hair solution will increase your chances to be remembered even after thousands of typical interviews. Also, you should consider taking your piercing out before the job interview. Piercings look good with casual outfits, not with ‘hair-tie’ attires.

#6: Upside Down Braid and Bun

High Bun With A Back Braid

PHOTO: @hairbymatilda

A cute, stylish and presentable updo is an absolute must-have for a job interview, so pay attention to this high braided bun idea. Make a tight upside down braid along the back of the head and connect it to the top knot. Fix it with bobby pins and a firm-hold finishing spray and be ready to fight like a girl.

#7: Braided Bun

low braided bun

PHOTO: @kayleymelissa

For those situations when you need something elaborated but simple and quick. Updo hair for a job interview is always better than big curls or beachy waves. So don’t reinvent the wheel and opt for your regular favorite bun hairstyle, just more neat and polished. Incorporating a side braid into it will add points to your karma.

#8: Braided Bangs

Ponytail With A Side Ribbon Braid

PHOTO: @hair_by_pelerossi

Do not ignore the concept of the highlight if you want to build inimitable visual imagery and get a job because of who you are. Make a simple ponytail and include a cute side braid in order to create a complete and truly sophisticated hairstyle.

#9: Creative Short Hair

Ash Blonde Pixie Bob Undercut

PHOTO: @bleachedandblown

Short layered hairstyles were invented for successful job interviews. With the right styling, you can set the mood, show your creative approach and sincere desire to get the dream job. Apply a modeling paste and use a curling iron to give your hair desirable texture.

#10: Queen’s Crown Braid

African American Halo Braid Updo

PHOTO: @simplyjade_101

This hairstyle looks both formal and dreamy. Learn how to do a halo braid and you will have the ideal variant for spontaneous job interviews. You can regulate the thickness of the braid and its position however you like ― just use your fingers to form the braid and get creative!

#11: Tight Twists

Twisted Low Bun Updo

PHOTO: @mistidoeshair

Choose this easy hair idea for the most responsible job interview and help your future boss to make a critical decision ― in your favor, of course. Sleek roots, middle parting and eye-catching twists make the perfect composition of style, serious intention and personal charisma.

#12: Hairstyle with Barrette

Gray Ombre Hair

PHOTO: @marci_and_the_mane

Style hair up or down? That is the question. Choose both and make a half updo! Add some accessories. Hair jewelry can play the crucial role in the process of creating job interview hairstyles. Choose minimalistic pieces. Details are highly important when it comes to making a great first impression, but in this case, they shouldn’t be too bold. Dress like you already have the job you are applying for. Think what hair jewelry will be appropriate at your workplace.

#13: Curly Updo

curly updo hairstyle

PHOTO: @_royalvisions_

If you have naturally wavy hair, you will have to decide whether to wear it straight or curly. Curly updo with perfect coils may sometimes look too formal or festive. We advise embracing your natural texture. Just pair the updo with a right outfit, and the position is yours. Simple skirt (not too short), white shirt and a blazer will look great with a feminine curly updo.

#14: Side Braided Bun

braided side bun

PHOTO: @marisavonsheere

Side braided bun is a great option for your list of interview-appropriate hairstyle ideas. How to make it so sleek? A styling mousse will tame your hair and make it easily manageable. You will look the part with this perfect plaiting.

#15: Long Wavy Locks

long wavy locks

PHOTO: @camilleaevans

Classic office style will always work for job interviews. However, as some career experts advise, it is best to ask about the dress code via email, as a reply to the job interview invitation letter. If the dress code is not the strictest, you may even let your locks hang loose. But only if they look healthy and well-groomed!

#16: Medium Braided Bun

medium length hairstyle

PHOTO: @redcliffestyle

Medium length hair gives you the possibility to style your locks in office-ready buns and pretty braids. We advise to pair your outfit with this tucked French plait. Just make sure it is not too messy, secure your shoulder length locks with bobby pins and strong-hold hairspray.

#17: Half Up Bump

half up with a bump

PHOTO: @hannahjomills

Most workplace hairstyles are casual, so a little bump is allowed. Take the front section of your hair, comb it back, twist 1-2 times and pin, creating the desired volume (or tie a half ponytail). Curl the ends starting from the mid shaft.

#18: Super Sleek Hair

Sleek Hairstyle With Subtle Ombre

PHOTO: @colorbycolleen

Posh sleek hairstyles are highly fashionable and always look flawless regardless of circumstances. To get a dream job, it’s okay to use a strengthening iron, but don’t forget about special heat styling protective sprays.

#19: Massive Knot

Low Knotted Ponytail

PHOTO: @aichaamalie

Sometimes the best option is to do whatever you can just to create a memorable look. It works for TV shows and job interviews. Try to style your hair in an uncommon way and this may give you an advantage. Use a modeling paste to make shower-fresh hair supple and turn on your imagination!

#20: Natural Twisted Hairstyle

twisted natural hair

PHOTO: @modelesque_nic

You will possibly love this professional updo even more than traditional goddess and crown braids! The technique is uber-simple, but the result is stunning. Side two-strand twists (a.k.s. flat twists) will help you to keep hair out of your face and focus more on the interview questions instead of nervously shifting your hair behind the ears.

Everything is possible. Great achievements start from small beginnings, like the right updo. A job interview is a geek chic time for your hair!