4 Hairstyle Mistakes That Can Age You

Most women don’t have the intentions of styling themselves to look older and on the contrary, many would prefer to look younger.

Pretty much any style decision has the potential to make you look older or younger, whether that’s makeup, clothing or hairstyle. Here are four hairstyle mistakes that commonly age people and how to avoid them.

#1: Cutting the Hair Too Short

For some reason a lot of women think that it’s a more conservative choice to have shorter hair as they get older, but if the hair is still healthy there’s no reason why it needs to be chopped off. Long hair looks more youthful than short hair, since young people tend to grow hair more easily. It’s a sign of health and youth, like how full rosy cheeks are. Many women choose to keep their hair long indefinitely—and kudos to them if they feel like it.

The key to keeping your hair healthy, no matter what length is to maintain a healthy diet and treat your hair with respect and care so that it continues to look as vibrant as possible.

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#2: Anything that’s Shapeless

On the flip slide, extremely long, shapeless hair has the potential to age you since it will draw the attention down and accentuate the gravity of an aging face. That doesn’t mean that hair shouldn’t be long, but it does mean that it’s best to offer up some dimension. That might mean parting the hair to one side instead of right down the middle, wearing it curly or adding some choppy layers for movement to keep the eyes moving.

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#3: Choosing the Wrong Hair Color

There are endless hair colors and infinite reasons why one color works better for one person and not the other and what works for one individual might change throughout their life.

Many people are blessed with beautiful dark hair, but as we get older the contrast of dark hair on skin starts to highlight some features that we’d rather hide. It can make any thinning of the hair more visible and create shadows on the face which is going to highlight any wrinkles or other aspects of aging. Lightening up your hair a few shades can go a long way at combating this reality. The same thing goes for shades that are too cool, sometimes a little warmth can go a long way by reflecting the light in the right way.

Sometimes people have had light hair for so long that they’re hesitant to go darker, but sometimes when the hair and skin start to match it can cause a washing out of the face. In that case, it’s not necessary to go all the way dark but working in some low lights can help solve the issue.

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#4: Going with a Style that’s Too Extreme

There are always new trends in hairstyles and sometimes going with a style that’s too edgy or extreme can age you—some of those fashionable, edgy cuts are best left for pre-teens. Think of it in the same way that you would think about clothes. If it really fits your personality to be edgy and on trend then do what you want, but if you’re more comfortable sticking with the flattering classics that never go out of style then there’s no shame in sticking with those either. Do keep in mind that hanging on to an extreme style past its trending point is one of the most aging things that you can do.

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A hairstyle should never look outdated, otherwise you’ll look as old-fashioned as the style you’re choosing to wear. Try to choose modern cuts that accentuate your features without being too over-the-top.