5 African-American YouTube Hair Gurus You Need to Follow

Did you know you could permanently damage your hair if you don’t care for it properly? The damage can occur from the most common problems of dryness, breakage and even hair loss. These annoyances are commonly experienced in African-American hair, but there’s an easy and fast way to get all your unique hair related questions answered now—thanks to the world of YouTube beauty vloggers.

Whether you’re in a hair rut or just need some advice on how to improve your hair health, it’s these beauty gurus of YouTube who can instantly provide their insights on new ways to think about your hair. Check out these YouTube hairstyle gurus who specialize in African-American hair types, each one shares their own unique insights and experiences to help visually show step-by-step techniques for how to achieve more manageable and beautiful hair!

Jessica Lewis (Mahogany Curls)

Jessica embraces her love for natural hair. She will be your go-to guide for low maintenance looks and easy tricks to achieve a natural style with the use of the right products and techniques. You will gain more insight about how to style your locks with the right product and techniques to enhance your natural hair texture.

Proper haircare is important to her which is why she offers a variety of videos showing her personal hair regimen and ways to properly wash and maintain your hair. She has a clear and definitive passion for spreading knowledge about ways for you to take better care of your natural hair—she’ll help you fall in love with it again with her tips and tricks.

Tierra Monet

When it comes to hair, Tierra is not afraid to dramatically change up her look while taking you along for the ride in each how-to video. Her YouTube channel contains a diverse number of videos that revolve around forming dramatic, glamorous looks through DIY inspiration—while embracing your individuality.

Her channel is for those individuals looking to add a dramatic change and variety to their hairstyles. You’ll learn how to make your own custom wigs and hairstyles derived from celebrity inspiration—hair trend stars like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. She’ll also teach you how to apply varying hot tool techniques to achieve different looks. She is so passionate about hair that she also has a custom wig and weave company, Crowned by Monet.

My Natural Sistas

My Natural Sistas is made up of a trio of actual sisters who each have their own unique hair journey with different textures, opinions and product recommendations to share. They all believe in helping you achieve your best-looking natural hair. They’re sure to help you look your best by embracing the process of trial and error with different looks.

Monica Stevens (MoKnowsHair)

Monica is a licensed cosmetologist and your most knowledgeable guide to answer your personal haircare questions and concerns. She specializes in numerous hair textures and types, making her a great resource for clearly explaining why your hair behaves the way it does.

She offers intelligent insight on common issues that occur with African-American hair specifically, including how to avoid devastating hair damage like thinning hair, excessive shedding and breakage.

Megan (ULoveMegz)

Megan is all about focusing on the principle of healthy haircare; she shares videos about her personal hair journey and reviews of her current favorite products and styles.

Through her videos, you’ll learn different hair treatments and habits to incorporate into your daily hair routine to improve the overall health of your hair. Her channel includes videos about relaxed hair product reviews, her personal hair experimentations with different products and hair styling tutorials.