How to Become a Hair Blogger?

Have you ever watched a hair tutorial on YouTube or Instagram and thought, “I can do that?” Well, thanks to smartphones and self-publishing platforms, realizing your blogging dreams is closer than you think. If hair has always been a passion of yours, you may be surprised to know that you can parlay that passion into a gig and potentially a career. Every blogger and hair guru out there had to start somewhere and maybe today is your day! We’ve pulled together some priceless advice, crucial tips, and some words from experts to show you the way towards becoming an actual hair blogger. The opportunity is right at your fingertips.

Steps To A Successful Hair Blog

Here is the first ultimate guide on how to express your creativity online! Use these tips as a checklist and remember that dreams come true if you work and believe! So, what are the components of successful hair blog?

Create an Idea

First and foremost, if you want to create a name for yourself in the hair blogging world, then you have to get comfortable with the idea of marketing “you” as a brand. Ask yourself, “What talents do I already have? What kind of skills do I already possess?” Are you great at doing up-dos? Do you take pride in your natural hair care routine? Keep in mind that your skill-set can only grow once you make the decision to start becoming a hair expert. The key is not to give up, and of course, to start!

Choose the Platform

YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, or Bloglovin? While the most successful bloggers use mainstream platforms like YouTube, don’t be shy to use multiple social media platforms. If you’ve decided to set up a YouTube channel, don’t forget to promote your videos on other essential modes of communication like Facebook or Instagram. This will allow you to engage with your audience on multiple levels and pull in viewers from as many angles as possible.

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Find Your Niche

The most successful bloggers pinpoint their expertise right away and are not afraid to be specific, in fact, they embrace it. If your content is all over the place, chances are your viewership will be inconsistent as well. Market yourself as a “guru of red carpet replications” or as “the colorful hair connoisseur” and watch your audience grow.

Produce Consistent Content

After establishing a niche, you need to keep your message consistent in order to attract your ideal audience. If you’ve become the go-to expert on curly hair, give your audience what they’re expecting to see. It’s also critical to listen to what type of content your audience responds to, and what they are asking for.

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Write for Magazines

Become a guest blogger and expand your audience! Attract print-based readers through magazine articles. They can note your credentials at the end of your article and find you on the web. Working with as many people as possible will also expand your network of contacts and increase your opportunities for collaboration and new work. It doesn’t hurt that magazine writing can bring in extra cash. Reinvest the extra cash back into your business and up your game. That new tripod or lighting you wanted? Bought and paid for! In fact, add writing for or collaborating with The Right Hairstyles to your resume! The Right Hairstyles magazine definitely knows the benefits of working with other talented hair experts. Check it out here.

Make Friends Among Bloggers

Tag their work, comment, follow, and message other accounts that inspire you. This will increase your exposure to a greater audience and increase your chances for future collaborations. Also, you can meet bloggers in real life to have some coffee, make common plans, and share your audiences.


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Tag Brands on Instagram

Tag all the sprays, mousses, and tools you use. This not only gives great products the credit they deserve but it also shows their owners what you can create, opening the door to future collaborative opportunities.

Inspire People

Women follow hair bloggers for inspiration and you’ll have to keep it in mind while creating content for your blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account.

Learn from Other Bloggers’ Experiences

The most successful bloggers know everything there is to know about the beauty industry, internet marketing, and social media. They’re also aware of their colleagues’ experiences. We asked a couple of The Right Hairstyles’ favorite hair bloggers about their exciting journeys to inspire you!

Sali Rasa, Short Hair Blogger

I’m Lisa from Germany, and I’m a short hair blogger on Instagram. I always wanted to be a hair artist and to show the world that short hair is more versatile than people think. I had been posting hair pics for more than a year, but four months ago, a picture of me with French braids changed everything. I got a lot of comments and messages from people asking if I could make a video showing how I braided such short hair since my hair is only about 5 to 10 cm long. I was surprised by that interest so I started hair blogging. I film my videos with a tripod, a fly case, and my iPhone. I edit my videos on my tablet or even on my phone, so I can film and edit anywhere, even on holiday! There are a few video editing apps I use, but my favorite is Splice. I plan to get some new equipment to improve the quality of my videos. If you want to start blogging, my advice is to always listen to your followers. It’s not just about doing a tutorial, it’s about interacting with your followers and finding out what they need. In the beginning, you will have to spend at least an hour or two on social networks to get engagement. Search for the right hashtags and use different ones so you don’t get “shadow-banned” on Instagram. Find a few accounts you can learn from and that inspire you. Connect with people who can sponsor you. Contact them or tag them in your posts. Be careful with the music you use. I recently had to delete a lot of my videos because the music was copyrighted. Thankfully, I found a few artists via Instagram who will let me use their music, so I can repost them. That’s what I love the most about social network blogging; there are so many creative people willing to help each other. Check out my article about various pixie hairstyles on The Right Hairstyles blog!

Braided Pixie Cut

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Sass & Braids, Founder of Instagram hair styling platform

My name is Shayla Jay, I am 19, and the face behind Sass & Braids. I originally started my Instagram page just to share my passion for hairstyling and braiding. I never expected it to take off or be anything more than a place to share some photos. It wasn’t until January of this year that my following started to grow, brands wanted to collaborate, and I was getting inquiries for events and weddings. Becoming a hair blogger is something that happened very naturally, as people started to ask for tutorials and more information. This led to creating my YouTube and Facebook pages. I find inspiration from everyday things around me. I was that little girl who would cut and style my dolls’ hair. When I’m in a room full of people, I look at hair and think about what I could create with it. I also get inspiration from styles and current trends. Some of the best things about hair blogging are the opportunities and collaborations. It’s so much fun working with brands and I’ve met so many people. I love getting feedback and messages from people who have watched my videos and learned something new. I have so much fun with it and it’s a great creative outlet if it’s something you are really passionate about!

Side Fishtail Braid

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Erica Spicer, Natural Hair Blogger

My name is Erica Spicer and I own and operate a small salon in North Carolina. When I opened my salon in 2008, the first thing I did was create a Facebook business page. The second thing I did was create a blog as a means to market my business. I knew I loved to write, as well as style hair. I also wanted to convey a professional online presence and establish trust with local readers who would hopefully become future clients. Every time I completed a look at the salon, I took pictures. Then I would later go home and come up with several topics to write about based on those photos. I’d insert the photos in my posts and share them on social media. I quickly built a following and gained more business. The natural hair phenomenon was really trending at this time. Most of the people that came to me were natural or going natural so that easily became a blogging niche for me. By posting my blog links on my Facebook business page, not only did I gain followers, I gained customers. People trusted me because of the information I posted in my hair blogs. My blog and my business reputation played off of each other. I was even contacted by several local photographers and a graphic designer offering to barter their services in exchange for exposure or credits on my blog. That’s when I knew I was something of a big deal in my town!

Natural Hair Blog

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There is so much involved in becoming a hair blogger, but the possibilities as to what you can do are truly limitless. It’s essential to find your niche, build your audience and interactions, and to engage with as many people, followers, and accounts as possible to expand your horizons. Be willing to invest a lot of time but don’t forget that inspiration is everywhere! Before you know it, you may find your incredible tutorials or essential insights on this very blog.