Millennial Pink Hair Is the Tumblr’s Most Popular Trend

Have you noticed one specific color taking over Instagram feeds, street fashion, and even food? It’s Millennial Pink, a toned-down version of Barbie pink that has evolved into a vast spectrum of different shades representing an entire generation. The color has graced every aspect of social media, especially Instagram and Tumblr. Cafés have begun creating drinks inspired by the color and updating their decor with it. Millennial pink is more than a trend; it’s a cultural phenomenon that isn’t going away anytime soon.

What is Millennial Pink?

In the last couple of years, Millennial Pink has completely taken over all of social media. Circling around since 2012, Millennial Pink is said to have started because of social media platform Tumblr (the color is also called “Tumblr Pink”). During the summer of 2016, this ubiquitous pink rose to the height of its popularity and has continued to hold its status. This hue holds a sort of irony, for it’s a pink without the youth and immaturity that is usually associated with the shade.

The color is pleasing to the eye and has an air of wonder to it. Fabiana Faria from the boutique, Coming Soon, told The Cut that she speculates that this color represents the first androgynous pink, because all of the female associations with the color have been removed. Gone is the time where blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Millennial Pink is a symbol sophistication and a way for those belonging in the generation to show that they can take something childish and turn it into an identifying factor for an entire age group.

Millenial Pink Shade

Instagram / @zaramessano

If you wanted to put this color into specific shades, it’s a combination of rose quartz, pale dogwood, and candy pink. However, Millennial Pink isn’t just defined as exclusively pink; the color can also be more on the beige or peach side of the spectrum. The many versions of this color have been used on everything imaginable. Food, room decor, drinks, fashion, makeup palettes, and even music videos have been laced with Millennial Pink. Now, more and more celebrities and hairstylists are incorporating this particular shade into their looks.

Celebrities That Have Sported Millennial Pink Hair

Every since the ’90s, celebrities (mainly musicians) have been dyeing their hair pink, but more recently, the favored shade has moved away from in-your-face highlighter pink and has become something more subtle and sophisticated. Modern celebrities have begun giving in to the Tumblr aesthetics that go hand-in-hand with this popular color.

Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps ditched her usual blond locks for a Millennial Pink hue with hints of rose gold mixed into it. To achieve this look, Busy went to MèCHE salon in Los Angeles and received the Olaplex treatment, which seals damaged hair after the coloring process.

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Dove Cameron

Rather than going all-over pink, Dove Cameron opted for streaky highlights perfect for summer. Her choice of highlights may be reminiscent of the early 2000s, but the shade is the perfect representation of the new Millennial Pink.

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Fernanda Ly

The Millennial Pink trend has even gone international. Australian model Fernanda Ly’s cotton candy hair is responsible for her rising popularity on Tumblr and Instagram. Fernanda told W magazine she like the faded pink look for her bleached and dyed hair.

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How Can You Wear Millennial Pink?

There’s no reason to just let celebrities enjoy this new trend. The best part about Millennial Pink is its wide range of shades, so you are sure to find the right type of pink that works for you.

#1: Sweet Bubblegum

Photographer Elle Chen’s Instagram has been a long supporter of Millennial Pink. Her Instagram page features every shade of the color you could ever image, and now, she’s even got the hair color to match. She recently chose this bubblegum hue that flows perfectly with the rest of her social media presence. If you want the classic Tumblr Pink shade, ask your stylist to replicate Elle’s sweet  look.

Pink Long Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @creepy.gals

#2: Pink Roots

Not ready to commit to a full head of pink hair? Try simply dyeing your roots and having your chosen Millennial Pink shade fade into the rest of your hair. This subtle style complements the overall softness of the pink color itself.

Medium Bob With Pink Roots

Instagram / @modacapellihair

#3: Subtle Pink

Sometimes letting your roots show isn’t a bad thing. In this style, the dark roots perfectly contrast the light pink shade, making this seem like the hair equivalent of organized chaos. This cotton candy pink is also perfect for those who want a less saturated shade of the Millennial Pink.

Angled Pastel Pink Bob

Instagram / @crystal_nele

#4: Hint of Strawberry

Incorporating multiple shades of pink adds dimension and movement to your look. This style combines two different light hues of the color, with an overall strawberry feel.  Like the peach-strawberry color of this style? Check out these peachy color hair ideas. The combination of the peach and strawberry shades create an enchanting coral color that falls wonderfully into the Millennial Pink spectrum.

Pink Hair With Strawberry Blonde Streaks

Instagram / @karlisue

#5: Pink Shine

Millennial Pink tends to have a matte finish to it, but this look adds eye-catching shine to your hair. Also, the loose curls and double-braided buns give the overall style the Tumblr feel that pairs perfectly with the light pink color.

Pink Hair With Two Buns

Instagram / @monsterlocks

#6: Faded-In Pink

Fan of the unwavering ombré style? You’re in luck, because it works well with Millennial Pink. Have your stylist leave your natural color as a base and add in the pink of your choice on top, with the shade of pink slowly fading in. Check out these ombré styles to give you even more inspiration. This style would also work with both lighter and darker shades of Millennial Pink, so it’s up to you on how bold you want to go!

Blonde Bob With Pastel Pink Ombre

Instagram / @brokegalstyleguide

Millennial Pink has taken over many things in our culture, and now it’s moved its way into our hair trends. It’s clear that Millennial Pink is here to stay, so why play with the idea of including it in your hairstyle? With any luck, one of these styles has inspired you to give this sophisticated pink look a try.