People Are Shaming \\\

Yvonne Orji is re-opening the dialogue about what it means to wait till marriage to have sex by opening up about her decision to do just that.

Orji, the 33-year-old star of the hit HBO show Insecure, told People this week that she intends to stay a virgin until marriage (in stark contrast with her much more sexual character on Insecure, Molly). Orji said the reason is largely due to her religion. “Before any of [the fame] happened, I sat down with myself and with God and thought, when I make it, how do you want me to represent you while I’m here?” she told the magazine. “It was like, OK, I know why I’m here. It’s to make you proud.”

Orji said she also made the decision to be public about her choice because people often have their own questions about what it means to remain a virgin. “People ask about it because they’re curious, or they may not understand,” she explained. “How will they ever get understand if I don’t talk about it? I can inform your curiosity, as opposed to everyone being in the dark and just sort of creating their own narrative about it.”

While there have been some rude comments about Orji’s choice, many people online have supported Orji. Some have also called out the hypocrisy of celebrating certain celebrities’ sexual agency — for example Amber Rose’s — while shaming other people’s decisions regarding sex and sexuality.

Orji herself has touched on this contradiction in the past. “It’s like society has allowed us to normalize a lot of sex but hasn’t allowed us to normalize the option to also not have sex…” she explained to HuffPo. “It’s not like a crusade. I’m not like ‘guys! Let’s all not have sex together.'”

She also told HuffPo that she sees her virginity as just part of who she is, along with many other things. “I can say, ‘Hey, I’m Nigerian and I love God and I’m funny, or I like to snort when I laugh really loud, I still shop at the 99c store.’ Like there’s so many things about me and not just the one that I’m not doing,” she explained.

This also isn’t the first time Orji has opened up about her personal decision. She actually gave a TEDx Talk on the subject in March — you can watch the below.

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