Tinder Guy Claims \\\

Let’s get one thing straight: Women on Tinder don’t expect a marriage proposal after a few messages; we will be fine if you say you’d like to stop messaging. There is no need to “invent” the “genius” hack posted by Twitter user @shallinallin known as “Trumping.”

What’s Trumping, you ask? Apparently, it’s falsely claiming to have voted for President Donald Trump to get people to recoil and end the conversation so you don’t have to. Is it supposed to be funny? Because it’s really just annoying. There’s nothing funny about the very real fears and concerns of people who are threatened every day by the rising tide of white nationalism Trump is enabling and encouraging. But sure, pretend you’re one of his supporters because you’re too chicken to just say, “I’m gonna message other people now, but I hope you have a nice day.”

If you think this is a bright idea, please note it may lead to understandably antagonistic replies instead of just silence or a polite rejection. The inventor of Trumping apparently received a message from a woman who told him to kill himself after he lied to her that he was a Trump voter.

That’s obviously unacceptable, but how about this for a general rule when using Tinder: Don’t lie. Never thought we’d say it, but please just ghost us if you have to. There’s no need to bring President Pussy Grabber into this.


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