YouTuber Pia Muehlenbeck Is Going After a Detox Tea Brand for Photoshopping Products Into Her Photos Without Permission

YouTuber and Instagram personality Pia Muehlenbeck is ripping into a detox tea company for Photoshopping its products into her photos and reposting them without her permission. The company in question, SkinnyMint Teatox, has been posting photos of Muehlenbeck posing with the controversial product on its Instagram account. Only problem? Muehlenbeck didn’t actually pose for said photos. Instead, SkinnyMint Teatox allegedly took photos from Muehlenbeck’s own account, edited the product into them, and reposted onto the company’s Instagram. And in case you haven’t noticed, Muehlenbeck is definitely not OK with what she’s saying is intellectual property theft OR the idea that she’d endorse the tea-tox in question.

To voice her frustrations with the brand, the influencer took to Twitter to share one of SkinnyMint Teatox’s altered pics with her fans: “Stolen photo with @SkinnyMintCom product photoshopped in to place. Obviously fake,” she tweeted. “I want to call them out on my Instagram stories but don’t want to give them the publicity. Unfortunately, they would probably actually get more sales if I made this IP theft more public.”

Muehlenbeck, who owns lifestyle and yoga brand Slinkii Athletic, also explained why she thinks the tea-tox company’s actions weren’t just wrong but also a bad business strategy. “Imagine if I started photoshopping Slinkii yoga pants on to girls wearing other brands. �� Such a stupid business choice,” she tweeted.

Posting another example of the “theft,” Muehlenbeck wasn’t afraid to mock the company’s Photoshop skills, either. “Here’s another photo that @SkinnyMintCom have stolen and photoshopped (very badly) their tea in to place,” she said.

For now, it seems as though SkinnyMint Teatox has removed the photos of the popular YouTuber from its account, but the company hasn’t issued any comments on her accusations of theft. The company had not responded to Allure’s request for comment at time of publication.

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